The Interact Server is available for Windows platforms (tested on Windows 10). Because the server needs to open and maintain network connections to all clients, you need administrative privileges on your machine to run the Server. Release notes can be found on the Forum.

Current Version

Interact Server 0.92 (Released on October 30, 2019)



The current version of the client can be downloaded from google play.

Universal Windows Application

This package can be installed on a Windows 10 computer (Unpack and double click the .appxbundle file). It also contains the ARM version which can be installed on a Raspberry PI (instructions can be found here.).

Current Version

Interact Client 0.9 (Released on november 16, 2019)

Previous Version

Interact Client 0.7 (Released on december 6, 2018)

Interact Client 0.5 (Released on november 27, 2018)